Top 10 Cross-Platform App Development Tools

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The cross-platform app allows developers to use modern development framework technology to develop a single app that operates in different operating systems such as android, ios, windows phone, etc.


Below are the Top 10 best cross-platform app development tools currently available in the market:


Sencha Touch


Efficient hardware acceleration techniques can be used efficiently using the Sencha Touch framework. A top-quality app is built with well-tested and highly integrated UI components and libraries.




Nativescript offers all native APIs in JavaScript for many mobile platforms. Existing plugins can be used from npm directly in projects, thus making it easier to extend the features of your applications.


The native script has a deeply embedded support for Angular.js 2 and TypeScript. Also, its apps utilize native components and have direct access to the native APIs, along with full access to the development libraries.


Kony Mobility Platform


Kony Mobility Platform offers automatic coding features, app preview facility, API connections. It comes with various pre-built apps that provide an excellent start for developersAlsoIt gives unified mobile infrastructure services for supporting backend systems.




PhoneGap is mostly suited for mobile apps that don't make substantial use of the phone's native features. Usually, it packages the app in a native app that allows javascript to access device-level APIs the same way standard apps do.




Native apps for multiple platforms are built using a shared C# codebase with the Xamarin tool. Anything that done in objective-c, swift, and Java can also be done using C#.




It specializes in an open-source, cross-platform mobile framework that you develop apps for iPhones, Android smart-phones, Windows Phone, and also Weskit-enabled devices. It uses C#, Microsoft .NETand the Mono framework for developing multi-platform supported apps.


Codename One


It has simple usability, rapid application development; deep integration with the native platform with high native speeds makes it a force to be reckoned with. Although code in Java is mandatory, your application will be tested & verified using Codename One's simulator devices and test automation tools.




It's an open-source software dealer that provides a mobile enterprise application platform consisting of these solutions: 

  • Convertigo Studio 
  • Convertigo Server
  • Convertigo Cloud and Mobilizer.



RhoMobile Suite 


It's a set of tools for developing data-centred, multi-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise applications. Rhomobile suite offers a free Eclipse plugin where developers can generate, create, debug, and test applications with no other hardware requirements.




With Appcelerator, a prototype can be developed in lesser time and effort while evaluating user interaction with User Interface. Also, it helps develop native apps by using a single JavaScript codebase.




Picking the right cross-platform app development tools is very cardinal to developing a good app. You will, therefore, need to ask yourself these four essential questions before you choose:


  • Is the app development tool costly?
  • Is it efficient and effective enough?
  • What are the type of features it supports?
  • Is the app framework risk high?